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Bar 10 Ranch

Plane Information

Las Vegas to South Rim

(8:00 am – Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon) –$290.02/ person

Las Vegas to South Rim

(11:15 am – Tues, Wed, Thurs) –$290.02/ person

South Rim to Las Vegas

(2:15 pm – Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon) –$290.02/ person

South Rim to Las Vegas

(4:55 pm – Tues, Wed, Thurs) –$290.02/ person

Las Vegas to Marble Canyon

(3:25 pm PDT Departure) –$327.96/ person

Las Vegas to Page, AZ

(3:25 pm PDT Departure) –$327.96/ person

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Charter Plane

Twin Otter

The DeHavilland Twin Otter (DHC-6) is a highly maneuverable, versatile aircraft which can be flown slowly (80-160 knots/150-300 km/hr) and in tight circles. The Twin Otter is a high-winged, unpressurized, twin-engine turboprop aircraft equipped with color weather radar, radar altimeter, dual GPS/Loran-C navigation systems with scientific data drops, and camera ports in the nose and belly areas.

Number of seats: 19

Airspeed: 80-160 knots

Charter Plane

Cessna Caravan

The Cessna 208 Caravan is a single-engine turboprop, fixed-tricycle landing gear, short-haul regional airliner and utility aircraft that is built in the United States by Cessna. The airplane typically seats nine passengers with a single pilot, although with a FAR Part 23 waiver it can seat up to fourteen passengers. The aircraft is also used for cargo feeder liner operations.

Number of seats: 9

Airspeed: 80-160 knots

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An amazing experience

“True Grand Canyon Bucket List Experience”

Its location within view of the magnificent Grand Canyon – in a beautifully secluded, remote area of the Western United States, 80 miles from the din of civilization – makes the Bar 10 Ranch an unparalleled destination point.

What people are saying

Guest Reviews

During a recent trip to Arizona and the Grand Canyon, our tour included a day at the Bar Ten Ranch. It was awesome! Everyone who works there must be competing for some kind of “nicest person / most talented” award. While being some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met, they all participated in a singing and dancing performance that night…

– a258302

We spent time at the Bar 10 before heading down the river the next day. Mother Nature was not kind to us, but the Bar 10 was!! They had horseback riding, ATVs and ‘skeet’ activities for during the day and a fun performance by the staff in the evening. They had meals prepared (dinner and breakfast for our Mother-Nature-induced-shortened stay) and coffee/juice/water available at all times…

– mjliss

Up at 06:30 we were picked up by a shuttle bus from our casino and taken to Boulder City Airport. Once there you are brought into a very nice waiting room that belongs to Papillon airlines and Grand Canyon Airlines. We took an old 208 Caravan into a primitive airstrip. While flying over they have headsets that give information on what you are seeing. Once there they take you up to the ranch and…

– Eddie JF