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Bar 10 Ranch

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Bar 10 Ranch – Mission Statement

It is our purpose to provide a Unique Western Ranch Experience in a Safe Atmosphere of Genuine Western Hospitality. All agendas, activities, and experiences are planned and presented so as to uplift and inspire our guests in the following ways:

Preserve the pristine feeling of remoteness and seclusion from the everyday world.

• Enjoy the unique beauties of this majestic area.
• Feel at one with nature and at peace with self.
• Sense through the genuine care and concern of the bar 10 crew — that each guest is an integral part of the “bar 10 family”.

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Want To Join The Bar 10 Ranch Team?

Bar 10 Ranch is a Seasonal job and details of the main season can be found below in the job description.

If you are interested, please click on the “fill out application” button. Fill out the application and press submit. Every application will be viewed and responded to in a timely matter.

Ranch Guide

We are looking for enthusiastic employees who are looking for a fun job and are willing to work hard.

Ranch Guides would assist with the following tasks:

  • Horseback Guide
  • ATV Guide
  • Maintain ATVs
  • Care for horses
  • Clean facilities
  • Help load/unload helicopters
  • Drive Bus
  • Coordinate Planes
  • General tasks as needed
  • Perform in nightly program

Pay/Benefits: $225/Day

Ranch Host

We are looking for enthusiastic employees who are looking for a fun job and are willing to work hard.

Ranch Host would assist with the following tasks:

  • Greet guests
  • Make room assignments
  • Help with guest needs
  • Help Prepare and serve meals
  • Work as Gift Shop clerk
  • Restock & take inventory at Gift Shop
  • Clean facilities
  • General housekeeping
  • General Tasks as needed
  • Perform in nightly Program

Pay/Benefits: $225/Day

sammy bundy

Sammy Bundy

Seasonal Employee

Sammy Bundy

Seasonal employee

“The ranch is my home away from home. The crew becomes a family. And having the opportunity to share the heritage of this beautiful land with our guests is a blessing.”

grayson carling team

Grayson Carling

Seasonal Employee

Grayson Carling

Seasonal employee
“Working at the Bar 10 I feel right at home! The desert is absolutely beautiful and everything is so unique! The plants, sunsets and geography of Northern Arizona always leave me in awe.”
jeff houston team

Jeff Houston

Seasonal Employee

Jeff Houston

Seasonal employee
“Aside from learning new skills, working at the ranch has provided me amazing opportunities to meet wonderful people from all over the world as I get to share this beautiful corner of the world with them.”
lainee sorensen employee

Lainee Sorensen

Seasonal Employee

Lainee Sorensen

Seasonal employee
“I have loved being at the Bar 10! I have learned valuable life lessons and made life long relationships with people I may have never met. The job is a commitment and hard work but I am fulfilled every season. I love my Bar 10 family!”

Review the FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of jobs are available?
We have two positions at the ranch: Guide & Host
When does the season begin and end?
Our main season starts April-September, but there are opportunities to work as early as March and as late as mid-November
What is Bar 10 looking for in an employee?
We are looking for hardworking individuals with great interpersonal skills. At the ranch, we work as a team and have trust with one another to get the job done. We are a family ranch and expect all employees to uphold a level of standards while present on the ranch (no drinking, smoking, crud language, or inappropriate tattoos). If there are any questions, feel free to ask about them in your interview.
How does training work?
We have two mandatory trainings. One in the middle of March and the second at the end of April. These trainings will give you an overview and on-hand training to become proficient in your respected duties.
Where will I work?
Bar 10 Ranch has a lodge built 10 miles away from the Grand Canyon which is located on the Arizona Strip in an area called Whitmore Canyon about 15 miles south of Mt Trumbull. Our shifts are usually 4-5 days at a time that we spend at the lodge.
What will I get paid?
Full-time Guide and Host starting wage with benefits start at $225/day, depending on abilities and experience. Rates will be discussed in your interview.
Where will I live?
Bar 10 provides employee housing at the ranch. On days off you are responsible for your own housing.
What will I eat?
At the ranch, we eat with the guests and have the same food.

You are welcome to bring additional food/snacks but must eat it in private and not in front of the guests.

Are there other expenses I can expect?
Every employee is responsible for getting their own Arizona food handlers permit. We provide a certain number of shirts. Any extra that you want for work purposes can be bought at cost.

Guides provide their own cowboy boots and cowboy hats.

May I get time off?
Yes, you can request time off. If you want specific time off, it must be scheduled through management before the work schedule is printed. On a “first ask-can we spare you” basis.
What is Bar 10 Beef?

We are a cattle company. We run red Devon/red Angus cows.

We are known for our grass feed beef. You can learn more at www.bar10beef.com

Is this the job for me?
Bar 10 is a one of a kind ranch. Our “office space” is the Grand Canyon. The experience gained from working at Bar 10 is very rewarding, but at the same time can be taxing.

The ranch requires long hours and days that feel repetitive.

We need uplifting positive people who love to socialize.

Still have questions? Give us a call at (435) 628-4010

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Fill out the application and press submit. Every application will be viewed and responded to in a timely matter.